She’s the face of the rebellion. They’ll follow her.

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mako canonically still has feelings for korra and it’s not like it’s solely implied and can be dismissed as shippers reading too deeply into the show like it’s literally written in his official character bio


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really big version here

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Anonymous said: I wonder how Mako and Bolin read...




I kind of imagine that Mako sought out ways to learn — maybe he believed he needed the skill to get himself off the streets.  He probably tried to teach Bolin, too, but didn’t have that much success, since Bolin doesn’t seem like the type to sit still long enough to learn.

When they were orphaned, Mako was 8 and Bolin was 6. They weren’t babies. I suspect that Mako at least had received a few years of conventional schooling and could read at an age-appropriate level. Perhaps he was even above average and could read above his grade level when his parents died. But you are right that after that he would have had to seek out opportunities to expand his reading abilities. We have at least circumstantial canon evidence that reading is a habit for him (books on the shelf in his apartment and in his jail cell) and not something he just picked up on the fly during this season.

I always thought he was a reader just because he’s show packing books in Book 1 AND he’s showing casually reading the newspaper. He emphasizes survival and I’m sure he’d at the very LEAST want to be able to read for opportunities for money/jobs for the two of them, among other benefits that would keep them one step ahead in the game.

My favorite thing is that he knows how to read MAPS, rather well. THAT is interesting to me, and hints a little bit at their lives growing up. I imagine they took advantage of public transit whenever they could, or needed to know how to get around the city for various other reasons like their numbers runs…


art buddies are sO IMPORTANT

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The Avatar based food they served at the Legend of Korra Rooftop Party!

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And THANK YOU for this amazing, thoughtful book of personal notes. I can’t wait to read through the whole thing today. *sniff* You guys are the best.


shirshu toxins + treatments

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"We make a good team, Avatar"

"Yeah, we do."

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Doodle I never quite managed to finish :(


Doodle I never quite managed to finish :(

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